The Ashtray

Marshall: So what someone said you’re just a kindergarden teacher? Why do you let that bother you?

Lily: Because he was right, I am just a kindergarden teacher! And yes, I have a degree in Art History and I was meant to do something with it but I didn’t. Somewhere along the line I forgot to pursue my dream and now i’m old and i’m a mom and it’s just too late for me.

Marshall: Lily,okay. No no.

Lily: It’s too late.

Marshall: No, it’s not too late, it’s not too late. You’re gonna quit your job tomorrow and you’re gonna go back and pick up right where you left with that art stuff. And you know what, i’m gonna find Shelly and punch her in the face. Yeah, imma punch a girl blown-away.

Lily starts laughing

Marshall: Look, I promise you, your best and your most exciting days are all ahead of you.

Lily: I love you so much for saying that but there gets to be a point in life where that just stops being true.

Insights about old films and plays

I do not know about you but I prefer watching old films – that includes the medieval time, musicals, classics, Shakespeare era – they actually give more impact to me than those click-flicks now. In the past, movies were expressive and people were all about showcasing their talents – it is not because of how good the actors are – but the story can stand on its own. Movies were genuine.

I remember the time when J took me to CCP to watch a ballet show, my inner self wouldn’t let me watch the show without thinking how mind-blowing it would be if the Phantom of the Opera was done there. I swear I could picture the chandelier scene.

Now, it’s normal if you see a movie about high school student trying to have sex with stupid football players which she labeled as “finding true love”. Please do tell about the rise and fall of the story.

Try watching a play, like the legit one, there are tons of theater plays happening around the Metro. Worth every penny.




Adventure around Metro ManilaFound this man sitting around with a pen and paper. I can tell he was so focused on his writing that he didn’t notice me taking this shot.

I’ve always wanted to have this kind of shot.  I envy those who go to Singapore and New York, but hey who knew Philippines could pull it off?

4This was taken using my iPhone … not bad!




First realistic face

I decided to try my luck on realistic sketching. I was only aiming for an eye but it lead to this. Hahaha! Not bad for a beginner.

More artsy fartsy here Cheers!




For the record, I do not believe on “wishes”, “signs”, “11:11” etc. because for me the only thing that matters is how you play the game. How you make things happen. It’s your fault when you die an underachiever.

Yesterday, I went with my dad to visit a good friend, a bank manager, for his a business related thing. I had nothing to do there than to listen to their conversation so when I got bored I took out my phone and played, I never left my other phone anywhere and I’d go nuts whenever it’s not in my bag but that day forgot it in the car. Then the guy stood up to get my dad a coffee and a water for me, that was the time I got to look around the area and noticed that calendar just beside me, it says

“God’s timetable is often different from yours, and it’s always better. So make patience the right arm of your faith, and all that God has promised your will be yours.”

Since it does mean positivity, and I do need a lot of those lately, I took photo of it, when they were finished I got the keys and started the car. My dad kept on telling about random stuff then I remembered my other phone. Just to clear my head, I unlocked it and saw a message, guessing it was from my cellular network to inform me again about my bill. BUT to my surprise, it was from someone … that someone that I have been waiting for weeks now telling me something positive.

Then I remember the calendar again. It may not be dated Sept. 20, 2012 but it sure did its thing. It was like God’s way of telling me something good was about to happen and I should keep up with what I’m doing.

It still does not change my perception, though, but it would be nice to see things like this once in a while.

Want vs Need

So I was in the shower this morning, like most people, random insights and reflections happen when you’re busy scrubbing off the dirt, fully aware of who I am – over thinker – I began to ask myself

“Where are you heading, Ayie?”

It took me a lot of courage, understanding and time to answer back.

It’s a battle between what I want to have and what I need now, for most people they would answer back immediately but for over thinkers like me I had to look back to where I started then I remember watching 3 Idiots with J last Monday and the answer is there!

Make your profession your passion

To tell you I have already declined a handful of job offers because I do not see myself doing work. Because the most important thing for me is to see everyday as an opportunity and adventure despite all the deadly deadlines and grumpy clients.

Together by The Raconteurs

“You gotta learn to live and live and learn”

Another funky find :)


Hello from a cavewoman!

I have been meaning to post insights and happenings here but I just can’t. Why? Because I had to surrender my laptop to the Apple Service Center, I did not quite understand the reason for its failure at first because the people I talked to were telling me different points but then they came up with one and the damage was in the casing, and get it back in 2 weeks. I called the other day and told me that my laptop is still not ready for pick-up so I still have to wait until next week for updates.


I can go on WordPress App on iPhone actually but I still prefer posting through my laptop! :( I miss the sweet sparks we made each time I land my fingers on the keyboard. I miss the photos, the documents, everything!

All is well. All is well. All is well.